About Us


JOA Energy is Saudi based solar energy services provider with arms throughout the MENA region. We offer streamlined turnkey solar solutions for a wide range of commercial and residential applications. JOA Energy is at the forefront of bringing clean energy services to the Saudi Arabia. We envision a time when clean energy is the part of the main stream in the region.

Our Services

Custom Made Solar Installations

We provide a full service solar systems, with everything needed to power your home or business with clean solar energy. We have the capability to design and execute entire solar panel installation projects.

Solar LED Lighting

We offer various Solar LED lighting solutions like Sign and bill board lighting systems. Indoor and outdoor lighting in all capacities to fit most domestic, commercial and Industrial needs. Solar Powered Standalone street lights for roads, pathways, residential compounds, schools, hospitals, farms etc.

Solar Water Pumps

 JOA is a distributor of one of  the world’s best solar pumping system, ranging from 1 HP to 100 HP covering all water pumping needs and acting exactly like a traditional electric pump but with 40% more discharge.


Solar Car Port

We provide an all in one car port, solar PV generator and charging point systems, which not only provides shelter for your vehicle but also generates clean electricity, without taking up too much space.

Our Partners

Our Clients Which are world wide famous for their work in their respective field.




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